customised knee replacement (Conformis™, Visionaire™, Trumatch™)

Normal knee replacement surgery involves re-shaping the ends of the thigh(femur) and shin (tibia) bones to accept a prosthesis. These implants come in a variety of sizes. We choose the correct one, and position it correctly, based on measurements taken at the time of surgery.
Modern technology has given us the ability to plan knee replacement surgery accurately on computer prior to the actual operation. Having decided upon the size and position of the implants, a customised, sterilised cutting guide is 3D printed to accurately reproduce the pre-operative plan.
We also now have the ability to create a customised implant as well. Mr Waters is one the few surgeons who perform these. This knee is custom-made to reproduce your own knee’s unique shape rather than using a standard “off-the-shelf” prosthesis. This technology is relatively new and although early results are promising we are yet to see if there is any major benefit over the traditional techniques and prostheses.

Mr Waters will be happy to discuss whether this type of surgery would be of benefit to you.