trochanteric pain syndrome (bursitis)

This is a very common condition where pain is felt over the side of the hip. It can often be uncomfortable to lie on that side. Pain can often be felt when walking, and in severe cases almost constantly. It can be very difficult to treat and often Mr Waters sees patients who have been suffering for some time.
There are various causes including: trochanteric bursitis – painful inflammation of the cushion of tissue over the side of the hip, abductor muscle tears, lower back problems and tight iliotibial band issues. It may also be related to spinal problems.
It is important to get the correct diagnosis and Mr Waters may organise various scans to confirm the diagnosis. Treatment usually consists of physiotherapy as well as targeted (ultrasound guided) injections. Sometimes there is a role for other treatments such as shockwave therapy and Mr Waters will be happy to discuss this with you. Surgery is rarely indicated.